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A collection of code snippets and CLI guides for quick and easy reference while coding

Welcome to Dev Cheatsheets.

Coding ingredients or building blocks. This is about having a central reference for language syntax or CLI features, without having to wade through docs and tutorials and StackOverflow.

A reference for how to use a CLI tool, language or library. It’s mean to be a quick reference so you can get what you need without having to scroll or navigate a lot.

Including syntax but emphasizing real world examples. While trying to keep explanation paragraphs to a minimum.

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Why? I got tired of doing the same kind of searches over and over. Or trying to look at my history of Google and StackOverflow searches. Or looking at my scattered notes from months ago. So I built this cheatsheets site. To collect my experience all in one place, around using code snippets and CLI tools.

Contributions are welcome via PRs and issues.


Static sites and docs



These are all in one place so you don’t have to look at docs, man pages, tutorials. Sometimes, there are links to other Cheatsheet guides which do a good job.

This is not comprehensive, but, it covers definitions and usage examples which cover the basics and some common flows (leaving out the obscure things I’ll probably never need and can always lookup if I need to).

There are a lot of tools and languages on this site here for my own reference and I hope you find something useful here too, by looking for something specific or just discovering what is here.