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Reusable code patterns which you can use as reference or copy to your project

Welcome to Code Cookbook.

This aims to have an entire recipe to solve a problem. Such as a script or config, or a few files which work together.

And the recipes are based on real-world code as much as possible, collecting from repos or docs I encounter or from my own projects.

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Quick access

I use these often so it helps to have them on the homepage.

Highlights of this site.

  • CI/CD
    • Many language-specific sample workflows for GH Actions to test and deploy your app
    • Plus some Netlify configs.
  • SEO
    • Recipes for robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Shell
    • Usage help and examples for commands and patterns to use one or more commands to solve a real problem. Such as how to do find and replace using find or sed or how to clean up your git repo.
  • Containers
    • Commands and configs for using Docker and Kubernetes.