This is my collection of reusable code samples and instructions, arranged in a way like recipes so that you can use an entire file to solve a task and not just look for one line like in a cheatsheet guide.

Here you’ll find code snippets in Jekyll, Bash, Python or JS. And some entire files you can copy in part or as a whole for your Makefile or deploy pipeline config.


I have written and refined some of these recipes myself from my dev experience. Or I have copied from other sources like tutorials or other repos. I give credit as much as possible to the original source. Sometimes I don’t even understand how a file works, but I know what it does and that it will be useful one day so I stash it as a reference in this centralized repo. This suits my learning style as I like to learn by example and real-world use, not just memorizing syntax and definitions.

This collection approach I use it also great because I can collect code by myself or others which solves similar problems or the same problem (e.g. deploy a site) and then I can compare the solutions. I can choose one that makes sense for my situation or I can take the best parts from each solution and make a new entry, which becomes my go-to solution for keeping my projects consistent.

Recipes vs Cheatsheets

This recipes site handles more complexity than a cheatsheet, which is more about one line to solve a problem.

Often you can follow a reciple without changing much and you’ll have something working. While a cheatsheet it more about syntax rules with some hello world example.