Applies to .md or .markdown files, as both are equivalent.

In some cases this guide contents HTML tags as these give more flexibility than markdown, though are usually more verbose. These HTML tags will render in both markdown documents and .html files.

You can mix HTML and markdown together together in a markdown document, however, they cannot overlap. If you put markdown content between HTML tags (such as between opening and closing p tag, the markdown will just render as plain text.


This section is not meant to be complete but rather useful as a quick reference for the things I need look up occasionally, so it might exclude some basics or cover them briefly.

Most of the content here is intended for GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) to be viewed on GitHub or an IDE which supports Markdown. Some the content is HTML which will render well in a markdown file on GitHub.

Some content comes from Markdown Cheatsheet. See also the the Wordpress Markdown Quick Reference.