I am only getting into live-streaming for the time but want to share the steps I learn as I go.

You can set up a live session on YouTube for free. There is just some verification to get through and some optional software depending on what you want to stream. I go through these here.

Sign up for live-streaming

  1. Login to YouTube - youtube.com.
  2. Open YouTube Studio - studio.youtube.com.
  3. Click Create in the top right.
  4. Click Go live.
  5. You’ll have to go through the Verify flow. You will get prompted for your country and phone number and then will get a text message or call to verify that you are not a robot.
  6. The dashboard will tell you to wait - “Ready in 24 hours”. Come back again and then click Go live.

Setup screen-sharing software

You can do this while you wait for the verification step.

If you only need to stream audio and video with your webcam, you’ll probably be fine as you are.

To broadcast your screen, you’ll need to install an encoder. As in my case, I want to stream a live coding session and don’t care so much about the camera.

Look through the list of YouTube Live verified encoders on this guide:

Find one appropriate for your device and operating system. Stick to the software encoders area. There is also a hardware encoder list, but based on the diagram on the page, that won’t be needed unless you have a mixing desk or some fancy setup of mics and cameras.

I like the look of the first one on the list, as it works on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and is free and open source.

  1. Download from the homepage or Download page.
  2. Install it.
  3. When you launch the software, you’ll have to give it permissions.

I enabled the use of the mic. But I denied the use of _keystrokes across applications. Since I prefer to be more cautious and secure and opt-in only if I need this - maybe to display the keys on the screen as I press them.

To stream with a service like YouTube, you need to supply a secret key.

  1. Select YouTube - RTMP.
  2. Click Get Stream Key.
  3. You’ll get taken to the YouTube Studio dashboard. Get your key from there and paste it into the broadcaster app.

You can also click Cancel if you want to look around the app without streaming yet.

Set up webcam software

I don’t know yet how to set up a webcam.

But this was recommended on Using a webcam section of YouTube’s Streaming tips.

There are also some tips on that page to follow on to be safe when live-streaming.

My guess is that the YouTube webcam option uses the browser and no extra software, as the link goes to the studio.