Highlights of my GitHub repos.

Knowledge-sharing websites

I add to at least one of these daily, covering many programming languages and libraries.

  • Code Cookbook
    • Recipes to follow or copy and paste to get your project up and running. Useful also for comparing the same file (like a Makefile or GH Actions workflow) across different projects, but all pasted in the same place.
  • Dev Cheatsheets
    • Quick reference for syntax of languages, libraries and CLIs.
  • Dev Resources
    • Collecting links to docs, homepages, Wikipedia, tutorials, etc. around various topics.
  • MichaelCurrin/learn-to-code repo
    • Resources for new and experienced developers to learn about coding in specific languages as well as some high-level topics.

Online homepage

My dev homepage, showcasing just my most popular repos

My GitHub Projects

A dev portfolio site using my GitHub repo data, fetched from the GitHub GraphQL API.

See also my projects on GitHub itself - github.com/MichaelCurrin.