Where to find Jekyll actions on GitHub and how to set one up.

Tutorial on Jekyll docs

To learn how to setup a Jekyll / GitHub Actions / GitHub Pages integration, see the GitHub Actions guide on the Jekyll docs site.

This project was actually developed as part of the processing of writing that step-by-step guide and there is a link at the end of the doc back to this repo.

Extra details

Some details not mentioned in that guide but which I still want to share.

  • Links
    • See helaili/jekyll-action repo which by helaili, a staff member at GitHub. The instructions there cover optional input values.
    • entrypoint.sh
      • This covers the shell commands which are run in the build, including use of jekyll and git. This is useful to see what would happen on the remote environment, for example file and directory references for inputs and outputs. Also it shows how bundle is actually used in the container.
  • Subdirectory usage
    • The action mentioned above will build from any directory which contains a config file. This is usually the root but can be a subdirectory, such as is the case for this repo.
  • Dotenv file
    • If you need to set values in the environment locally, you could do this with an ignored .env file at the root. You’ll have to to load that into the shell. Some plugins will read from a .env file though. In this case the only environment variable needed is one needed to actually run the action and build to gh-pages branch, so this project has no .env file.