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This project is built around using markdown content to make a website.

This proejct is great for non-developers to work on. No experience with Ruby, Jekyll, Liquid, HTML or CSS required. Those are all used internally, but you don’t need to worry about that.

This project is super light. No config needed. You don’t need to setup a theme or a layout. GitHub will figure that out and will apply its standard theme to your GitHub Pages site. So will it will have a clean, white, mobile-friendly site with a heading. The limitations are covered more on these pages, such as lack of a navbar. But you can still setup links to pages, as with the Menu below.

How to use this project

Some info on how to make a site like this and how it works.


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MichaelCurrin - gh-pages-no-jekyll

Documentation template

If you’re looking for template docs which you can easily edit and reuse for your own site, rather see my Generic Project Template project’s docs. It uses the same docs site approach as this one.