This project is a built around GitHub’s functionality which lets you use GitHub Pages to render markdown (or HTML) files as a static website, from your root or docs folder.

Jekyll is still actually used to convert the files, but the project works with no typical Jekyll files such as layouts, themes, gems or configs. Github handles the CSS styling with a basic blue and white theme.

This means it is very light, as you only write content.

Note you can still use Jekyll Liquid templating. But the idea for this project is to avoid it and make a plain markdown docs site, which is easy for anyone to edit without Jekyll experience.

Your root page should be or There is no navbar, so it is recommended to add a menu on your homepage which links to the other pages. You can always get back to the homepage using the link added for you at the top of every page.

Convert to Jekyll

The approach here is also flexible - you can add a _config.yml file and a theme to turn your site in a proper Jekyll-based themed site.

You don’t even have to add metadata to your pages - the layout will be set as default.html.

About this repo

Read more on the live demo site, which serves from the docs directory.