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Starter template for a minimal Jekyll site which uses a theme

MichaelCurrin - jekyll-themed-site-quickstart

Create your own project

  1. Click this button.
    • Use this template
  2. Go to repo Settings and enable as a GitHub Pages site.
  3. Go to the environment tab to check the status of the build and then get the URL of your GitHub Pages site.

Choose a theme


It is easy to use one of standard themes available of GitHub Pages by setting the theme value in your config.

There are about 10 and are listed among gems here:

You can also switch between themes with a preview, by switching themes within repo Settings


If you want to use another theme on a GH Pages site, you must use the Remote Theme plugin and point to a GitHub repo.

See this project, which uses that approach and explains it.

Or you must use another CI flow like GitHub Actions or Netlify. Then you can put any theme in your config file under theme, as long as you also cover it in Gemfile.

Set up locally

This project is not intended to be run locally with a dev server.

See this project, which has instructions and a Gemfile which are suited for local development.

MichaelCurrin - jekyll-blog-demo


Learn more about Jekyll and GH Pages.